Dr. Dimitrios Dimitriou

Managing Consultant, Nexant’s Energy and Chemicals Advisory

Dr. Dimitrios Dimitriou is a Managing Consultant in Nexant’s Energy and Chemicals Advisory in London and established as one of the company’s key experts for the ammonia and urea industries. He has managed numerous key single and multi-client feasibility, due diligence, market, pricing and technology studies as well as lenders market and technical consultant projects for the petrochemical and fertilizer sectors. He is frequently invited as a key speaker or panelist at international energy and petrochemicals conferences including previous GPCA Fertilizer Convention and authored a number of papers in prominent fertilizer professional publications.

Previously he served as Program Manager of Nexant’s Strategic Business Analysis program for the ammonia and urea industries. Prior to joining Nexant, he had developed extensive experience as a Senior Technology Specialist and Lead Consultant for a number of chemical and fertilizer projects across the world for a leading technology licensor. He has a PhD from Imperial College London and an MBA from Manchester Business School.

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Workshop: Customer Value Management (CVM)

• Creating stronger market positions and improved profitability with CVM
• Value-based marketing and sales strategies for fertilizers

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