Harry Polman

Managing Director, Biofouling Solutions Division, H20 Biofouling Solutions B.V

Mr. Harry Polman is the Managing Director of the Biofouling Solutions division. With 24 years of international experience in the field of biofouling control in intake (sea)water systems, Mr. Polman is recognized as an expert in the field of biofouling control and defining biofouling control strategies for both existing and new to build facilities. He has authored or co-authored several international papers and consulted in more than 250 biofouling related projects worldwide. Mr. Polman invented the biofouling control technologies Pulse-Chlorination® and EcodosingTM which are recognized as Best Available Techniques for controlling biofouling in once-through cooling water systems. He has 12 years’ experience in the Gulf region and was responsible for numerous biofouling control projects in this region.

Speaker's Session

Environmentally responsible use of biocides in cooling water systems

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